Subjectivity: IT IS ABSOLUTE

We cannot get away with our consciousness.

The is not so much objectivity in this world, probably opposite to what many scientists believe. Objectivity is relative, but subjectivity is absolute. The mere pursuit of objectivity may ironically fall into the trap of subjectivity, because subjectivity embodies the human mind, which is the source of desire and intention to do anything, including the pursuit above. Conflicts in daily life is merely a reflection of subjectivity clashes when one subjective mind competes to take over the other. It seems that two selfsame minds don’t exist. If this holds true, what is the point of being in an argument? Correctly understanding the relation between subjectivities can transform our pugnaciousness into an appreciation of each other and further bring peace and harmony. With this thought, subjectivity generates the diversity we are eager to embrace with compassion.