Be present: that is what life is all about

Our life consists of numerous moment fragments, which is a perfect analogy of video, recording each second of our dynamics. The only moment we can do about is now. When you are reading what I am writing now, it is forming your new moment. However, we don’t always consciously take care of the present moment. When we dwell on the past, a replay is occupying the present moment; when we are anxious about the future, a sci-fi clip is overwriting the present moment, then we regret the time having been spent on the anxiety, a replay forms the present moment again. If things keep going on like this, and you can imagine what life would look like.

The only thing we can do to jump out of this loop is to be aware of and come back to the here and now. We need to consciously and non-judgmentally feel the moment, to carefully produce and savor each moment. That’s what our life is all about.