to be ourselves, Embrace diversity

Everyone grows up in a different environment, probably more diverse than everything thinks, due to the unspeakable sensitivities of neurons. Unsurprisingly, it is so easy to form distinct perceptions (most of them are neutral, but some are problematic, that's why we need mindfulness to correct them) across different people. Different perceptions and various combination of them lead to all kinds of realities, which means that everyone has a different reality, though there is a reality resemblance between people from the same culture. The separation of reality renders the efficient communication hard and impractical, that's why miscommunication abounds in our life. One has to accept this undeniable fact fully because resisting to it will incur incessant suffering. Everything is empty, meaning exists only in a specific reality. My reality is no more important than his and I cannot compare the purpose to me with that to others.

Comparing and judging at this point will cause pain. Think about the comments we have made on others during our daily life, without understanding (let alone respecting) others' reality, it is hard to give constructive comments, and the comments are usually made based on some ill emotions like jealousy and irritation, and improper assumptions such as "we are the same" or "I am better than you".

To achieve the harmony, we need to relinquish the judgment over different realities and instead embrace the diversity of realities, the variety of human minds, which also gives us a sense of humbleness and lets one be genuinely oneself.

To make the words sound not so absolute, I need to point out this. Human interactions are complicated, there exist some ill-formed realities (minds) which can be aggressive, affecting other people's realities. Those realities should not be considered as part of the reality diversity, because it negatively influences diversity.

In a nutshell:

  • Embrace the diversity of human minds, so one can be genuinely oneself and appreciate others without incurring ill emotions.
  • Defend the diversity by fighting against the unwholesome mind.
  • Don't heap assumptions over others, though communication is full of assumptions.

(Rewritten on Jun.20 2019)