to be ourselves, Embrace diversity

Everyone has different mental activities, which reflects the diverse opinions, thoughts, and behaviors. In spite of those differences, our mind functions in the same way. The languages we are speaking, the environment we grew up and maybe the heredity have been working on our mind all the time bringing about all kinds of mental activities. Via mindfulness, we begin to observe the dynamic changes of our mental activities. As time goes by, we get to know how our minds work from experience. With this understanding, we begin to understand others better. We can develop our insight into aversion, hatred, misunderstanding, and argument. Personally, I even ask myself sometimes: what I really dislike that guy for, when I understand this mental dynamics between us. Nothing! This spiritual exploration can also lead us to contemplate many more questions.

We can appreciate this diversity, that is, the diverse minds. With this appreciation, we forsake the hurtful assumption “you are the same with me”, no longer heap the assumptions on others; instead, we recognize that we are all different, and that’s great! Difference is not something we tolerate grudgingly, but something we can really enjoy. When diversity becomes an enjoyment, we can really be ourselves with pride, can’t we?