Compassion: love yourself, love everybody

Humans are suffering from all manner of mental conditions; the materialistic culture we are in plays down that fact and holds us back from opening up. To fit in the environment, we hide and pretend to be OK. As a consequence, the apathy abounds, and we are more and more disconnected from each other.

We should bring the suffering to light and let that reconnect us. To alleviate the suffering, we need to develop the compassion not only to ourselves but also to others: families, friends, people that hurt you, people in the war zone and everywhere.

It is easy to find people we dislike and even hate, but the thing is what we really dislike him/her for. In fact, we just dislike that person at that moment, when what he/she was doing or say repelled us; mind you, it is "the person at that moment", but it is very easy for us to misperceive it as "the person at any moment". That moment is always in the past, and we never know that person at this moment. So this is a chance for us to let go of the judgement belonging to the past, and fully embrace this moment, a brand-new moment to give our compassion to anyone!

Via compassion, we can make a world full of love and kindness. Love can conquer everything!