Balance: nothing is absolute, good thing is never extreme

When we overfocus on things, we usually distort our awareness. That’s probably the reason why we have so many extreme viewpoints in daily life. The media tend to make things a little absolute to spread it quickly, but it always misleads many of us.

Humans are proud of their language, however, language is far from being perfect in conveying meanings. Languages gives us the symbolic thinking and reality; but as long as things are represented by symbols, extremities have formed, that's why we have to be wordy to lessen them. Extremities are the antithesis of the nature of minds, where every mental state is interconnected.

From the perspective of mind, in our life, there are no clear-cut rights or wrongs -- they are mere neural pathways; instead, our life is full of viewpoints (based on symbolic languages) that are interfering in our mental processes. The extremity of the views (because of the language and the language-induced intention (speaker) and the interpretation of the symbolic language (listener) --- chicken or the egg) leads to more conflicts in our mental processes, making us suffer, and the extremity seems to be stabler. Therefore we need a dynamic balance between the belief in a viewpoint and the impact of that viewpoint on our mental processes, no matter how right that viewpoint we believe is. It takes time and patience to strike a balance, but eventually, we can move forward without tipping the scales.

In a nutshell:

  • Non-attachment to languages, true message is carried by language but beyond language.
  • Use language wisely.