values and beliefs

It seems that we always live a life with values, because “no values” can also be interpreted as a value. According to the Cambridge dictionary, "values" is defined as "the beliefs people have, especially about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, that control their behaviour." I believe it is a good definition, though I think I should not be attached to a language for descriptions since language itself cannot adequately represent our human minds. If I am asked to prove them, I won't, because they are my beliefs. Why should I be bothered to reason about them, since people do the reasoning to justify their opinion or decision, including me.

If you agree to the above, I will assume that you believe the above as well, which means this is the belief we are sharing at this moment. If one does not agree, I will assume that one has a different view on this. One and I can upgrade the disagreement into an argument if we want, where we try to persuade each other. In the old days, the argument could lead to persecution, war even genocide. Nowadays, the quarrel disconnects one from another with aversion, misunderstanding and even hatred. Stepping back, we can either respect each other's difference (a belief that everyone is different) or declare war on the difference (a belief that everyone should be the same as me). You see, having a different belief will lead to a distinct consequence. Sometimes, having a belief is unconscious because the belief can exist in the form of an assumption in our mind without being carefully scrutinized, that is, we are indoctrinated.

Human values are so complicated that it cannot be articulated with languages and the attachment to language can even complicate the issue to a higher level. In a nutshell, our beliefs and values are strongly influenced by all kinds of neurological impulses, and beyond our consciousness, reasoning, and logic. The single pursuit of IQ in the modern world easily makes us fall into the trap. Mindfulness via meditation gives us such a way to observe our neurological responses by filtering out our conscious views. The insight we can get from meditation is profound: we just don't have the free mind because of the mental blockage we have unconsciously developed in response to our judgment.

To regain that freedom, we have to manipulate our mind consciously. By mindfulness practice, we are able to observe our mental activities in a non-judgmental way, then we can cultivate some values which might be the best fit for our neurological properties. With these values, we could develop a series of healthy and firm beliefs to make ourselves better and eventually make the world better. Unfortunately, I am not able to list all of the values; but I choose and pick a few of them which I personally appreciate a lot. More values are waiting for us to explore, and of course, all of these values cannot be achieved in one go. Instead, they need some time, perhaps a lifetime to cultivate and uphold.

NB: All values are interconnected and even intertwined, so we should detach the mental representations of these values from the language when we begin to think deeper with clarity.