Meetup events

Currently, in my free time, I am organizing some free Meetup events within the university where I am currently working, but it is open for everyone. I am grateful for the venue provided by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The events are totally free.

1. Mindful get-together: conversation and meditation usually take places on Sundays. In this event, we hold an open discussion about mind issues in a mindful way to help each other gain more insight into their mind. (link)

2. Mindfulness training is currently planned and will take place regularly from the year 2019. In this event ,we hope to help people, including the highly-educated group to improve their well-being via mindfulness. The training is combining meditation and philosophical thinking. (link)

All the events are based on the principle of diversity, to include multiple perspectives of mindfulness practice.


It is at the early stage of planning and brainstorming. I wish I would have enough time in 2019 to make it happen.

Contacts: chao zhang


Email: (replace # with @)

Number: +31 6 86060088