Mindfulness events

Currently, in my free time, I am organizing a mindfulness event in Global Room, Vrije University Amsterdam. In this event, mindfulness training (guided meditation) is provided to help attendees gain more insight into their mind, followed by some philosophical and multi-perspective discussion. The target audience is the high-educated group, but the event is welcome for everyone to join to meditate. More information about this event can be found from this Meetup group or VU international staff Meetup group.

Topics Discussed Recently

In each session, we discuss one topic or one aspect of being mindful; setting aside the language, all topics and aspects are interconnected; therefore, to improve one point of mindfulness, we need to improve all the points; that's the tricky part if we see it with the symbolic thinking (languages), but that's probably the true nature of mind.

In each session, I don't teach anyone, but just lead the discussion, so everyone will find some insight relevant to themselves. We use languages to communicate, but feeling the sense behind the words could be the best communication.


It is at the early stage of planning and brainstorming. I wish I would have enough time in 2019 to make it happen.

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Number: +31 6 86060088